Advances in Bladder Cancer Detection

Blue Light Cystoscopy

April 25, 2019 - 2:58 pm

Switching colors is a game changer according to Dr. Jamison Jaffe, Chief of Urology at St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne. He says when doctors are taking a look inside the bladder for bladder cancer, it's common to use white light. He says the problem is under the white light the bladder tumors appear flesh-colored, and it's not uncommon for small cancers to be missed.

Now, physicians at Comprehensive Urologic Specialists at St Mary Medical Center are using a technique called Blue Light Cystoscopy and that's helping doctors find cancers smaller and earlier than ever before. Dr. Jaffe says during the procedure, a special medicine is placed into the patient's bladder prior to the procedure.  He says using a blue light during the cystoscopy instead of a white one is making all the difference, because with the blue light the lesions turn bright pink. He says it's now much easier for doctors to see even the smallest tumors.

He adds that the procedure still can be done in one office visit. The process is a bit longer as the medicine must sit in the bladder for an hour, but the actual procedure time is the same.  The Blue Light Cystoscopy allows us to more accurately diagnose and treat bladder cancer which will lead to a decrease in the recurrence rate.