After Years Of Trusting 'The Process', Sixers Fans Soak Up Playoff Scene

Andrew Kramer
April 14, 2018 - 10:30 pm
Sixers fans tailgate outside the Wells Fargo Center.

Credit: Andrew Kramer


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -  To say Philadelphia 76ers fans were eager for these NBA Playoffs to get underway would be an understatement.

The atmosphere outside the Wells Fargo Center ahead of Saturday night's Game 1 tipoff against the Miami Heat was electric. 

No surprise there. The Sixers haven't played in a playoff game since 2012.

"I'm very excited," says Kris Soriano. "I missed maybe only a handful of games over the last six years, so it all paid off and now I get to enjoy this."

Raul Irizarry was more than ready for playoff hoops to return to Philadelphia.

"I mean, we've been through turmoil," he tells KYW Newsradio. "We're fired up. We're ready to go."

In fact, he had so much faith in this team before the season even started...

"I got my own custom license plate," Irizarry says. "It says 'TTP'...Trust The Process."

While Sixers fans were tailgating on this beautiful spring day, some even bringing their own basketball hoops, KYW wanted to find out how fans feel about "the process" now.

"I do trust the process"

"Oh I trust the process wholeheartedly."

"No doubt. I live by the process and die by the process."

"I live the process, I breath the process, I trust the process."

That last answer came from Nick Staskin, who was full of Sixers passion.

"This is a basketball town and basketball is back," he said. 

And he's expecting the Sixers to continue a recent Philadelphia sports trend

"We're having a parade in June," adds Staskin.

The Sixers got off a nice start, beating the Heat 130-103 to take a 1-0 series lead.