Be Wary Of Online Doctor Reviews

January 15, 2018 - 8:00 am

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Don’t look now, but doctors are beginning to realize the ways they can build their online reputation.

People in the business world have known this for quite some time and many have worked very hard on it.

As you may know there are many websites, both accurate and inaccurate, that make a great deal of money by providing so-called ratings of physicians.

We all know you can’t trust everything we read on the internet. As a result, physicians are being advised about ways to provide positive comments on these sites.

Many are now employing techniques such as search engine optimization and building their own websites with positive comments.

These comments soon become reality—whether true or exaggerated.

The reality is clear: just like many magazines that have top physicians lists and top hospital lists, which can be based on advertising, the internet is particularly vulnerable to what in today’s environment could be called fake biographies.

Let the consumer beware.