Bottom line remains the same for Schwartz

Ed Benkin
May 29, 2018 - 7:47 pm
Schwartz will now turn his attention to 2018, beginning with the team's OTAs and mini-camp, which includes a focus on many of the newest members of his unit.

Ed Benkin | KYW Newsradio


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The Eagles won the Super Bowl last season despite being shredded by Tom Brady. Coach Jim Schwartz likely won't be thinking about the struggles of his defense from that Sunday when he looks down at his Super Bowl ring.

The Eagles' defense had several outstanding performances during the 2017 campaign, but Brady lit up the unit for 505 yards in Super Bowl LII. Fortunately for Schwartz, his defense came up big during the final two drives of the game for New England while the Eagles offense lit up the scoreboard throughout the game.  

For Schwartz, the final score was all that counted on Super Bowl Sunday.

"I'll say this," said Schwartz during his first press conference since the Super Bowl. "In broad strokes, our objective was to win the game, and we won the game. We don't want to dissect that any further than that. At the end of the year, we divide all of our games up and look at cut-ups. It's not just the Super Bowl."

Many of the non-Super Bowl videos will no doubt be enjoyable to watch for Schwartz. The Eagles' defense ranked fourth in the NFL last season and dominated a host of opponents in the regular season as well as the first two playoff games.  

Schwartz will now turn his attention to 2018, which begins with the team's OTAs and mini-camp, which includes a focus on many of the newest members of his unit.

"Our reps are actually geared more toward younger players as opposed to veteran players," Schwartz said. "A lot of our developmental groups get more reps this time of year. We're just trying to roll guys through and get guys experience."

The Eagles released Mychal Kendricks last week, which means there is a starting position up for grabs with the rest of the linebackers. Schwartz said it is too early to worry about a depth chart when it comes to determining Kendricks' replacement.

"You're certainly open-minded for all positions," said Schwartz. "We communicate that to our team. We have a lot of guys that come from different points. We have some young players that have worked up in our system. We have some guys we've brought from other teams, and we have some new players on the roster. We'll shake it all out and we get to the end of training camp, we'll try to go forward with the best plan that we have."

Schwartz has a list of walking-wounded players on his roster as the Eagles get closer to training camp. Several players are recovering from injuries as well as off-season surgeries. However, Schwartz said it is simply the business of the NFL.

"All our players deal with something over the course of the year," he said. "That's part of this league, the ability to be able to perform regardless. There is nobody that's in tip-top physical condition once you get into the season. Everybody is dealing with some kind of injury or some kind of challenge over the course of the season."