Catholic Schools Get Results

January 14, 2015 - 4:54 pm

Catholic Schools Educate the Whole Child

Each Catholic school in the Diocese of Camden is a community of faith and learning that nurtures the development of all children to their full potential. We start with the Gospel, build a team of well-qualified, caring teachers who excel at bringing out the best in each child, and establish a curriculum that is rigorous, relevant, research-based, and infused with Catholic faith and traditions.

Catholic School Students Excel Academically Catholic school students in the Diocese of Camden regularly outperform their peers nationally on standardized tests. Rigorous curriculum, an emphasis on discipline and personal responsibility, and the nurturing, Gospel-based environment of Catholic schools foster student self-respect, respect for others, faith development, and service that prepare all students to put their faith and knowledge into action.

• Elementary students excel: K-8 students in Diocese of Camden Catholic regularly outperform their peers in all subjects on national standardized tests.

• High expectations for all students: 97% of Diocese of Camden Catholic high school students take the SAT, compared with 74% of public school students.

• Secondary students outperform peers: Consistent with national trends, Diocese of Camden Catholic high school student SAT scores are higher than public school peers.

• Secondary students go further: Catholic high schools in the Diocese of Camden have a 99% graduation rate and a 95% college attendance rate. Catholic High School students nationally are more likely to complete post-secondary education than their peers.

Catholic School are Worth the Investment Catholic School High School graduates in the class of 2014 earned more than $131 Million in scholarship monies.

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