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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday he would consider Sen. Kamala Harris as a potential running mate, a day after she dropped out of the presidential race. Read more here.Read more

Matthew Shepard

Matthew Shepard died in 1998 after one of the most notorious and brutal anti-gay crimes in the US. Two decades later, he is being honored through a memorial plaque installed at the Washington National Cathedral. Read more here.Read more

Ford McDonalds Coffee Chaff

Ford has tapped McDonald's to help it turn coffee parts into car parts. Starting this year, Ford is incorporating coffee chaff — coffee bean skin that comes off during the roasting process — into the plastic headlamp housing used in some cars. It's asked McDonald's, which doesn't roast its own...Read more

Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, Boris Johnson at NATO summit

World leaders at the NATO summit in London were caught on camera appearing to joke about US President Donald Trump during a reception at Buckingham Palace Tuesday evening. Read more here.Read more

Star Wars Ride

Disney's new massive and innovative ride acts as the centerpiece of the company's $1 billion park expansion, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, which has so far offered tourists just one ride — "Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run." The main attraction — "Rise of the Resistance" — has been under wraps. Now...Read more

Watching TV

Those Black Friday and Cyber Monday super sales are not only a boon for your bank account, but may also reap serious rewards for cyber criminals intent on causing harm, according to the FBI. Read more here.Read more

Starbucks Red Cups

We hate to ruin your festive cheer, but it turns out that ordering a pint of caramel-flavored hot chocolate topped with whipped cream may not actually be that good for you. Read more here.Read more

Black Friday

Americans will spend a record amount of money this Cyber Monday following an already record-breaking Black Friday and Thanksgiving, according to three different sales reports. Read more here.Read more

Second Amendment Activist

After nearly a decade of silence, a divided Supreme Court grappled Monday for over an hour with a case testing the scope of an individual's right to keep and bear arms in a dispute concerning a New York City gun regulation. Read more here.Read more

American Eagle plane

A woman was taken off a plane and into custody after she faked an illness in an attempt to get a better seat on her flight, according to police. Read more here.Read more