Photo Credit: Mike DeNardo

Community College Of Philadelphia Ditches Mascot After Students Find It Offensive

April 19, 2018 - 12:50 am

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- Community College of Philadelphia is ditching its mascot, in response to students who find the character offensive.

At first glance he appears harmless enough - a cartoony figure in a tricornered hat named Colonial Phil.  But to Community College of Philadelphia senior Troy Bundy, Phil stands for slaveholders and oppression.

"He's walking around with the hat on with the belt across, the boots, and it just represented colonialism to me," he said.

Bundy led a petition drive -- and the college administration agreed to drop Colonial Phil, says Dean of Students David Ascencio.

"He will not be at graduation, because I think we're looking to move forward," he said. "And to have Colonial Phil still out there would send mixed messages in terms of what we're trying to achieve."

At a school where 75 percent of the students are minorities, English instructor Brian Goedde agreed that wasn't a good fit...

"In creating our image for our students and for anyone else, we need to come up with something different," he said.

A committee has been collecting suggestions for a new mascot, and Ascencio says the goal is to choose a new nickname and mascot before the fall semester.