Eagles looking for the right fit in the upcoming draft

Ed Benkin
April 16, 2019 - 9:30 pm

Ed Benkin/KYW Newsradio


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — There are plenty of intangibles when it comes to the NFL Draft. The Eagles seem to have pinpointed the most important factor.  

As the 2019 draft approaches, there will be plenty of speculation as to who the Eagles will select. There will be many who will argue the team will need to take a player who bests fits an immediate need.  Some will hope for a player who can make an instant impact, while others want the draft to serve as an opportunity to build for the future. Eagles Executive Vice-President of Football Operations Howie Roseman seems to have the simple solution.

"We want guys where our coaches see the fit," said Roseman. "It's got to match with the front office and the coaches perspective. There are a lot of good players on both sides of the ball not only through the trenches, but throughout the draft."

The 2019 NFL Draft will get underway on April 25th. The Eagles have a total of seven picks and there are plenty of areas in which the team appears to have a need for reinforcements.  There are questions in the secondary, at linebacker and at running back. However, Roseman insists he won't repeat past mistakes and will focus on getting the most talented player available.

"We've got to learn lessons from the past," Roseman said.  "I've been humbled by some of the mistakes that I've made in terms of valuing certain positions over what is the best available player.  It stares you right in the face when you go back and look at those drafts.  That's why we try to take care of as many needs as we can during free agency."

This will be the third year Roseman and Vice-President of Player Personnel Joe Douglas will work together for the draft. The two have developed a strong working relationship and Douglas says they are more than willing to listen to all opinions from everyone in the organization involved in the draft.

"We've brought together a staff of different view points and perspectives," said Douglas. "We all come to the same conclusions. We all speak our minds. We all have strong viewpoints but at the end of the day, we respect each other's work and respect each other's decision."

Even with all of their homework, the Eagles understand how quickly things can change as their first pick approaches. The Eagles have the 25th overall selection and there may very well be a slew of phone calls with trade offers as decision time draws closer. Douglas always looks forward to the challenge as believes the Eagles will be well-prepared for the bombardment of offers which could be coming in moments before their selection.

"We have a process where we try to make calm out of the chaos," Douglas said.  "But there is a lot of information going around. It's fun. I feel good about the process we have to make that as detailed and organized a process as it can be."

In the end, the Eagles are hoping to help themselves for the present while also building for the future. Only the front office knows exactly which players they are targeting. The only certainty is Roseman's quest to find that right fit.

"A fit's important," said Roseman. "That's why we spend so much time with these guys. That's why we bring them in the building. That's why we spent so much time talking to our coaches about what they're looking for and how they view a player."