1-on-1: For Cabrini coach Colfer, success is defined more by teaching than winning

Matt Leon
October 11, 2019 - 5:59 pm
Steve Colfer

Tom Rickert/KYW Newsradio

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Steve Colfer is preparing for his 20th season as the head men's lacrosse coach at Division III Cabrini University out in Radnor. On his watch, the Cavaliers have been a dominant program.

He has led the Cavaliers to 18 straight NCAA tournaments and he has won nearly 80% of his games as a head coach. This past season, he led Cabrini to its first ever Division III National Championship. 

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But for him, success is about much more than just wins and losses.

"Coaching is about educating and influencing young men or young women," he said. "It's about helping guide them through sometimes difficult years in their lives. It's about helping them and mentoring them through tough decisions and tough choices and being there for them. 

"That we've won more than we've lost I'm proud of, but that's not what defines me as a head coach and our program's success."

When you talk to Colfer, it's easy to see why there's been so much of that success.

"I'm a guy that's always in search of the answer," he said. "If I don't know it, I search out others who I think may or might be able to point me in the right direction. I've never felt that I had all the answers, and I still don't and will never. I just feel like we continue to search for it and I think the way I approach being a head coach is no different than that. 

"The advice I got long ago was hire really smart people and let them do their job. Trust the people, empower the people who are around you, and don't be threatened by that."

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