Flashpoint: 400 years since African landing, Standoff death threats, Hug Mobster

August 25, 2019 - 8:30 am

KYW Newsradio


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — This week on Flashpoint: Host and KYW Community Affairs reporter Cherri Gregg asks the burning questions about August 25, 1619 — the first documented date of arrival of Africans in British Colonial America. The 20 men and women were taken from what is now Angola, West Africa and to Comfort Point, Virginia. The original 20 mixed and mingled with the populations in the British Colonies, and that combination became the people now referred to as African American. What is the legacy of slavery? What was its impact? Would America be America without the first 20? What about reparations? Molefi Asante, Professor and Chair of the Department of Africology and African American Studies at Temple University and author of "400 Years of Witnesses" joins Errin Haines, national race writer for the Associated Press and Dr. Marion Lane, a member of the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution who traced her ancestry back to the African landing in 1619, for this important discussion.

Cherri Gregg/KYW Newsradio

The News Maker of the week is attorney Shaka Johnson. A former police officer, Johnson made headlines when he worked with police commanders to convince his client, Maurice Hill, to surrender peacefully after a violent seven hour standoff in Nicetown-Tioga. Hill allegedly shot and injured six cops, so not everyone is happy that he is still alive. Johnson discusses recent backlash, including death threats. Find out more by clicking here.

Charlotte Reese

The Change Maker of the week is Edie Weinstein, founder of Hug Mobsters Armed with Love. A Bucks County-based minister and social worker, Weinstein uses hugs to build human connection. She founded the effort on Valentine's Day after recovering from a heart attack. Weinstein believes many suffer from depression because of lack of human touch. Find out more here.

Cherri Gregg/KYW Newsradio

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