Flashpoint 'Love Show': Overcoming infidelity; Revolutionary love; Pro cuddler

February 09, 2020 - 6:30 am
This week's panel includes Alycia Kinchloe of Kinchloe Law, Alexander Soutos of Samos Investigations, Ashlei Perry, a member of Philadelphia's growing polyamorous community.

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PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — This week on the annual Flashpoint "Love Show": Host and KYW Community Affairs reporter Cherri Gregg asks the burning questions about America's recent rise in infidelity. Over the past decade, the number of individuals who admit to being unfaithful has risen more than 10%. Last year, Philadelphia was ranked fourth on a list of cities where men were likely to step out on their significant other. Experts blame social media, the increase in women committing infidelity and other social issues. 

But what is the impact on relationships? How can you overcome betrayal? Are there relationship alternatives that can keep the wayward out of trouble? Guests include Alycia Kinchloe of Kinchloe Law, an attorney with a focus on family law, Alexander Soutos of Samos Investigations, which provides private investigation services, George James of George Talks, who is a licensed therapist, and Ashlei Perry, a member of Philadelphia's growing polyamorous community.

Debbie and Michael Africa Sr.
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The newsmakers of the week are Debbie and Michael Africa Sr. The couple joined the MOVE organization in the 1970s and were part of the "MOVE 9" involved in the Rizzo-era altercation with Philadelphia police. They, along with seven others, were sentenced to 30 to 100 years in prison for the August 8, 1978 shootout that ended with the death of Philadelphia Police Officer James Ramp. Many have questioned the facts of that day, blaming the death of the officer on "friendly fire." 

After many years of working for their freedom, Debbie and Mike were paroled in June and October 2018, after spending roughly 40 years in prison. During their incarceration, the married couple stayed in contact. They renewed their vows with their children in April of 2019. Debbie and Mike discuss their enduring love story, how Debbie gave birth in a prison cell and the new life they are building today.  

This week, Chuck Africa, the last living member of the group still incarcerated, was released.Delbert Africa was freed last month. The Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police has repeatedly objected to the release of members of the MOVE 9.

The Patriot Home Care Changemaker is Kyle Hoffman, a certified professional cuddler. Companies like Cuddlist provide a platform for the public to find a "Certified Platonic Cuddler," an individual trained to provide consensual, non-sexual touch. Exercising a form of touch therapy, the individuals follow a strict code of conduct. Hoffman explains why the services he provides are growing in demand. 

Kyle Hoffman of Cuddlist
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