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Getaway Guide to cool Fishin'

July 18, 2018 - 12:11 pm

By Jay Lloyd

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- I once knew a guy who went fishing, but never baited a line. I asked, "Why?"

Says he, "I just want to stay cool, do nothing, but have people think I'm doing something, so they'll leave me alone." I left him alone.

Fishing spots on a small boat or standing in a stream can put us in some of the coolest spots for solitude on a hot summer day, whether we bait or not. Need some ideas?

Here's a few.


Right at the southern tip of New Jersey, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Delaware Bay, we have one of nature's best air conditioners. The freshening breeze can funnel down the bay or blow off the ocean. And there's a fish-luring artificial reef very close to shore. It's the partially sunken hulk of the World War I concrete ship Atlantus. Every year, less and less of the ship is visible. But it does draw fish and it's just a short distance off Sunset Beach. A popular way to catch some fin food and a breeze is by inexpensive kayak.

Cape May Kayak
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Just bring yourself, a fishing pole and a cooler for water and the catch. That's all you need to cast off at a pristine wildlife refuge right on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. Eastern Neck Boat Rentals will fix you up with a 16-foot flat bottom boat. Take one with an engine or just use oar power. They have life jackets, and, if you want to crab instead of fish, they rent the gear. Closed on Wednesdays. The spot is right at the northern arm of the Chester River, just south of Rock Hall, Maryland. Catch a breeze, stay cool and enjoy the solitude, and maybe bring home some dinner.

Eastern Neck
Jay Lloyd / KYW Newsradio


A pair of area state parks provide the cooling breezes and rental boats for fishing or lazy drifting. Take a drive to Marsh Creek, north of Downingtown or Nockamixon, east of Quakertown. Both have scenic waterscapes for an unwinding change of pace. Row, paddle or power to a secluded spot. Then fish or skygaze. If you decide to bait a hook, the lake waters yield a crop of pan fish from sunnies to perch and bass. When you get them home, clean out the innards, sprinkle with salt and pepper, then simply saute in butter and/or olive oil. Fresh and delicious.

Marsh Creek
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Find a waterfall. In the 15-mile stretch of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation area from Milford to Bushkill Falls, you'll score some of the coolest fishing in all of Pennsylvania. The pools that form below each level of falls yield a variety of pan fish. But the key here is keeping cool. The breeze generated by the falling water combined with the fresh water temperature and tree shaded areas banish any hint of summertime heat. Be aware that some of the trails to waterfalls in the gap have been closed by storm damage. Check here before you go. Bushkill Falls trails are open. 

Bushkill Falls
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If you're looking for a destination getaway that involves small boats, spectacular fishing and a pristine environment, head for the Rideau Canal in Ontario. It's a 126-mile collection of scenic lakes and locks that stretch 125 miles from Lake Ontario to Ottawa. It's only a seven hour drive to the Thousand Islands border crossing. We visit friends at their cabin on Sand Lake, less than an hour from the border. Campgrounds with rental cabins, boats and spots for RV's line the lakefronts. Cozy Inns and comfortable hotels are found in nearby towns. Sand Lake Campground is a good place to start. Then as time permits, work your way up the fabled canal.

Sand Lake
Jay Lloyd / KYW Newsradio

Note: Before going on any fishing jaunt, whether day trip or destination getaway, check on local license and permit requirements. They are usually found at state and provincial environmental, boating or hunting and fishing agencies.

Stay cool.