Father's Day

Getaway Guide to Father's Day Bonding

June 06, 2018 - 1:32 pm

By Jay Lloyd

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- It started out as a long weekend that three KYW skiing friends and kids, ages 6 through 8 called, "Dad's and Daughters." It became an annual time of bonding on the slopes. Then one of our trio had a son, and the trip became known as, "Dads and Kids." We even had identifying sweatshirts. The youngsters are now all married but frequently talk about the adventures. I'm thinking of them now that Father's Day is on the horizon. I'm convinced that dad really doesn't need another tie, wallet or island shirt. What he could use is some bonding with his adult kids. So, what to get dad this year that puts you together? Here's what.


If dad enjoys a beer to catch up with friends, he'll be more than thrilled to have one with the kids, especially if the adult son or daughter is buying and the room is a classic. My youngest bought mine at McSorley's, the New York City Civil War era barroom that operated even through prohibition and is still heated with a pot belly stove. Never did a beer taste so good or was the "catching-up" so fulfilling. Pick your spot and bask in the time together.

Spencer Lloyd


If your dad's idea of relaxing is heading for deep water in quest of a fin food dinner, surprise him with a private or group fishing charter at the nearby Jersey Shore or the Chesapeake Bay. Go for Blues, Sea Bass, Flounder or Rock Fish. Cape May offers access to Atlantic and Delaware Bay fishing grounds. Hook up with Miss Chris Charters. Get yourself and Dad on the water for $45 a head. If Dad is a senior it's $40. On the Chesapeake, I like Rock Hall, Maryland for immediate access to the bay. Cast off with Captain Bob Ritchie of Fish Fear Us Charters. http://www.fishfearus.com/  You may need a few more Dads and Kids here. Six people can charter the boat half-a-day for $600.

Jay Lloyd / KYW Newsradio


And while we're in Rock Hall, if Dad has a heart that clings to fantasies of sail, when iron men rode the seas in wooden ships, he'll enjoy the wind in his face aboard the 40 foot sloop "Island Girl." My buddy, Cap'n Mark Einstein will be at the helm. Dad can take a turn and will even hear the boat's cannon roar at the end of a Sunset Cruise as the sun kisses the Chesapeake horizon. The cruise is $35 a head. Then dock at the Waterman's Crab House for a cool pitcher and a table full or hot crabs.

Cap'n Mark
Jay Lloyd / KYW Newsradio


Make it a weekend getaway and set a GPS course to Gettysburg National Park. But see the park like you've never seen it before. Take dad back to the days when Cavalry troops commanded a horse-high view of the battlefield. John and Terry Latschar will set you up with a mount at their National Riding Stables and then guide you over the neighboring fighting ground that still holds artifacts from the historic Civil War conflict.

Battlefield Ride
Terry Latschar


If you and dad own some clubs, make it a weekend getaway to a pristine Pocono golfing retreat. Stay and golf at Fernwood, a spot on the Delaware River perfect for a quiet bonding outing. The course is wooded and as far away as you get from the sounds of traffic and electronics. Unplug and relax. Then drinks and dinner, just down the road at the "Big A" - friendly bar, hearty Italian cooking and a really good prime rib. What more could dad want?

Fernwood Golf
Jay Lloyd / KYW Newsradio


Some of my lasting memories of "us" times with dad were at ball games. It was Giants, Dodgers or Yankees - whoever was in town. But dad always paid. Today, the adult kids often shell out for the tix - even buy the beer and peanuts. Former KYW editor Matt McCue and dad, Jack take it a step further with a week a year on the road with the Phils. Phillies aren't home this Father's Day. But the Orioles are. A weekend getaway in Baltimore with dinner on the harbor, a short walk from Camden Yards can be just the ticket.

Matt McCue and dad
McCue Photo

The memories will last a lifetime.