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Getaway Guide To The Ride

May 09, 2018 - 1:56 pm

By Jay Lloyd

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- Sometimes it's not about where you're going, but how you get there. The ride is the kick. Trains, trams, cars and canals. There are highways in the sky and over water. Let's roll out for a sampling of unique rides that can flavor a summer getaway, near and far. We start out less that 100 miles from home as we soar on a cable over a fabled river.


New York's East River is known for the landmark Brooklyn Bridge, the Brooklyn Navy Yard and the Fulton Steamboats. Less known, but well used is the bright aerial tram that carries walkers and bicycle riders to the mid-river Roosevelt Island. The 10 minute ride provides an expansive view that takes in mid-town Manhattan and the recently "discovered" Astoria section of Queens. On the island, stroll or bike the river, stop for sushi, pizza and beer or take in an outdoor event in a park. The cost? Same fare as a subway ride.

Roosevelt Tram
Jay Lloyd/KYW Newsradio


As long as we're in an airborne cable mood, take a scenic high flying ride on a Barcelona summer vacation or cruise. Step into a Gondola car on the city waterfront - destination? The mountain fortress atop Montjuic. The view spans the Mediterranean to the Pyrenees Mountains and takes in all of Barcelona and it's bustling port. On the mountain, stroll the 17th century castle grounds, visit the scenic botanic garden and the Olympic Stadium. The round trip gondola ride costs about $15 U.S.

Barcelona Gondola
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Just a day-trip getaway near home opens a scenic window on the past with a ride on a trio of vintage railroads. Take your pick. Dedicated volunteers are your engineers and conductors aboard the New Hope and Ivyland Railroad. It rolls through the Bucks County countryside from New Hope to Lahaska. Then head for Boyertown in Berks County to climb aboard the Colebrookdal vintage trains for the journey to Pottstown and back. For stunning views of pristine Amish farms and the Lancaster County back country, ride the Strasburg Railroad to Paradise. Yes. that's the village name, Paradise. Prices on all vary, depending on excursion and cars. But they're pretty reasonable.

Vintage Train
Jay Lloyd//KYW Newsradio


Whip through European countryside and villages on trains that link virtually all of the western continent. Among the most traveled runs within a single country is the Terenitalia  high-speed train that jets you from Rome to Florence. It's a distance or 143 miles in an hour-and-16-minutes. You can do the roundtrip in a day, but try to spend at least three and visit the Tuscan Mountain Village of Fiesole while there. And if you're hanging around Barcelona for awhile this summer, take a side trip to Girona - 61 miles in 38 minutes for about $15 aboard an ARA bullet train. In Girona, visit a synagogue that survived the Inquisition and dine on outdoor patios while listening to the unique language of Catalonia. 

Rome Piazza
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Amsterdam has become a magnet for travelers to Europe. The culture, welcoming environment, nightlife and art are set against a backdrop of cafes on miles of canals that criss-cross the city. Use the public transit canal boats to really see the town and go from museums and restaurants to clubs and casino. Buy a 24 or 48 hour ticket, sit back, relax and get off whenever the mood strikes or a destination is reached. You'll wish every city was endowed with a waterway highway.

Amsterdam Canal
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Ride through an iconic tropical city in a 1950's Chevvy convertible on a visit to Havana - while you still can. You'll find the vintage taxis at plazas and main hotels.

Havana 50s Chevy
Kathryn Lloyd

Enjoy the ride!