Rusty Scupper

Jay Lloyd / KYW Newsradio

Getaway Guide to Water View Sipping and Supping

June 14, 2018 - 12:19 pm

By Jay Lloyd

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- Sipping a Manhattan and slurping oysters are most enjoyed on a deck with an eye-filling view of boats entering a harbor or resting quietly at anchor. So where can we find this summertime spectacle? Follow me by car or boat to.....


Whether viewed from the water or waterside, the Inner Harbor at Baltimore is a rare haven of wraparound attractions filled with eateries, tall ships, historic ships and the National Aquarium. The multi-deck Rusty Scupper rises over the harbor entrance and the Inner Harbor Marina. There's a commanding view of the port and the incredible variety of boating traffic. The Scupper menu is heavily invested in fin food and shellfish; much of it pulled from the native waters of the Chesapeake. It's a frequent favorite stop for the KYW sailing crew and docking is at the front door, parking, behind the building.


Some say Kitty Knight was running a bawdy house. Others think she was just a friendly innkeeper, trying to keep the British from burning her inn as they set torches to the rest of Georgetown during the War of 1812. The historic structure survived. It still rests on the Eastern Shore of Maryland at the upper reaches of the Sassafras River. The Kitty Knight House has been closed for a few years, but the good news is that new, highly regarded owners will reopen this landmark next month. The menu will likely be an American combination, focused on the Chesapeake. The Happy Hour view from the patio tables and bar had always been stunning. Docking is just below, at the Georgetown Yacht Basin. Plenty of parking at the Inn.

Kitty Knight
Jay Lloyd / KYW Newsradio


We can't leave the Eastern Shore without a stop at the Harbor House on pristine and scenic Worton Creek. A lasting memory is the sight on a lone Great Blue Heron perched on the boom of a classic sloop anchored in a shaded bight of the creek. Score a window table here and enjoy the view and a crab cake, among the best on the bay. Then have dessert and an after-dinner drink or two while tuning in to weekend music in the bar. If you sail in, dock at the Worton Creek Marina, just below the eatery. Parking there too.\

Harbor House
Jay Lloyd / KYW Newsradio


The last thing you might expect is a sushi bar at a sprawling combination high energy deck eatery and marina at the Jersey Shore . But that's what we find at the Harbor View, snugged up between Cape May and Wildwood. Cold craft, imported and domestic beers are on tap by pitcher and pint. The environment is nautical and finger food from the raw bar fits - Cape May Salt oysters, local clams, and shrimp from the Gulf. You get the idea. Why do I linger here? It has a great view of the Coast Guard base and patrol boats just across the harbor. It's where I first discovered the Jersey shore, decades ago. There's a large parking lot and docking at marina.

Harbor View Restaurant
Jay Lloyd / KYW Newsradio


If it's spring, summer or early fall in New York City, the place to be is on a floating dock deck with a Hudson River view and alongside the now retired Lightship, Frying Pan. The name has nothing to do with cooking and everything to do with the "Frying Pan Shoals" off the notorious Cape Fear. The ship had kept marine traffic inside the shipping lanes and off the dangerous shoals. Now it guards the eatery where it's docked near Chelsea Piers. The shrimp boil and crab balls are outstanding. Enjoy the scenics, food and the brew with a young crowd that gravitates to the river when Happy Hour cravings drive the end of a New York work day. Sorry, no docking here.

Frying Pan
Jay Lloyd / KYW Newsradio