A golf simulator at Linfield National Golf Club.

Jay Lloyd/KYW Newsradio

Jay Lloyd's Getaway: All-weather golfing

January 10, 2019 - 4:00 am

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Technology is everywhere. 

That includes the world of golf, where foul weather no longer stops the action. 

There was a time when golfers had two choices on a cold, rainy or snow-bogged day: Go into a funk or go south. 

Lately, I've driven about three miles for a game, sometimes at Pebble Beach, St. Andrews or dozens of other iconic courses. 

Foursomes gather at the nearby Linfield National Golf Club and its indoor simulators.

"This simulation is so real, it's virtual golf," said one golfer.

Pick your course and swing away. Drive, chip and putt. The visual full wall display puts you on the course, tracks your shots, and gives you the loft and distance. Then just order a beer or burger from the clubhouse bar.

Reservations are a must. Depending on time of day or night, rates range from $35 to $42.50 an hour for up to four golfers on a single hourly fee. Search online for Golf364 at Linfield National and sink the wintertime blues.