Blood Pressure

One thing's for sure: little in health care is a certainty

May 02, 2018 - 3:10 pm

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By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- Those of us who practice medicine love being certain; certain of facts, certain of statistics and certain of the future. Unfortunately, little in health care is certain. We are all different and as a result we all don't react the same to medications and treatments. 

We also can't be put in buckets which predict the future. 

Take the case of the recent changes in blood pressure guidelines and BMI guidelines that are being used to monitor our children and predict the chance of coronary artery disease years down the road. 

For instance, it is now estimated that 6 percent of children have high blood pressure based on new guidelines. This is a major increase over the past year. 

So what do parents do with the information? My advice: use it as a word of caution and talk with your doctor about ways to impact health years down the road, but don't assume it is all doom and gloom.