Positively Philadelphia: 2019 Philly Theatre Week is set to get underway

Lauren Lipton
February 03, 2019 - 7:00 am

Courtesy of Theatre Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- 2019 Philly Theatre Week is about to get underway, and there is something for everyone.

"Our second annual theatre week is February 7 through the 17," explains Leigh Goldenberg, the executive director of Theatre Philadelphia. "We have over 100 different events related to the performing arts happening all over the region. There is a whole variety of plays at almost every theater you can think of and many you have never heard of."

Courtesy of Theatre Philadelphia

Goldenberg says not only are there traditional plays, but also productions that include discussions and other opportunities to connect with people in a social and more relaxed atmosphere.   

She says for example there are "cocktail plays" from Juniper Productions, "Where there are short plays and you can have drinks as well."

Another example, Goldenberg says, is "a bake off," but don't let the name fool you since you aren't actually baking a cake.

"They are 'Baking Theatre,' baking a play," she explains. "You (the actors) are given ingredients and you have to use them to make your play. For example your play must include a rabbit and a cup of coffee."

Goldenberg also says that whichever event or production you attend, it's a real bargain.

"All of the theatre week events are either free, $15 or $30."

You can find out more about all of what this year's theatre week has to offer by visiting their website at PhillyTheatreWeek.org.