Positively Philadelphia: Treat your pets for the holidays

Lauren Lipton
December 15, 2019 - 10:41 am
Dogs Bruno and Clarisse, and cat Zach.

Lauren Lipton/KYW Newsradio, Dogs courtesy of Benjamin Torres


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — I was visiting my pal and his dog Gilbert, and Gilbert heard my piece on presents for humans at local museum gift shops and tapped my arm, pathetically staring at me with a "what about us" look. Pet owner Benjamin Torres said not to worry. 

"I have two dogs (Bruno and Clarisse), 150 pounds each, and we walk them every day so we get them big sweaters," he said, "and at holiday time we get them Santa hats to keep their heads warm and sometimes boots so they stay dry and toasty no matter what the weather. "

He also has two cats that were discussing their holiday list. 

"I get home late and they were meowing," Torres said of the cats. "It's like they're actually talking with each other."

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The number one request from them is TODs--that's Treats on Demand.

Zach from Northeast Philadelphia is always yelping about one thing or another and says he loves treats and toys, but what he loves even more is when his mother Susan gets home with the bag or box that the toys come in. No matter how small, he squeezes himself in.   

Sometimes owners and their pets have matching outfits. 

"I know that my dog watches the Eagles," said another dog owner, "and when I watch the Eagles I wear an Eagles jacket. So when my dog watches the Eagles she should be wearing an Eagles jacket too and she does."

And pet stores do have things for cats, but don't even think about putting an Eagles jacket on a cat. You would be wearing it on your head before that would happen.