Hooters Drummer's Rock Revue Covers 'Frankford El'

Molly Daly
April 22, 2018 - 2:00 am
ITP Frankford El

Photo credit: Dallyn Pavey/Dish Public Relations


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- In the Pocket, a rock and roll revue led by the drummer for the Hooters, is celebrating the release of its latest "essential song of Philadelphia" with a concert next Saturday night. 

"Can't Get to Heaven on the Frankford El" is neither deep nor beautiful, but it's a fun, rowdy singalong, recorded around 1970 by Philly-based band The American Dream. David Uosikinnen says this new version features the American Dream's Don Van Winkle, and a chorus of kids from the School of Rock, who shared the studio with grown-up professionals.

"It was an incredible experience. You could see it in their eyes," Uosikinnen said. "They were all really excited, and they were a little bit put on the spot because we didn't give them anything to rehearse. All of them were great."

ITP Frankford El
Photo credit: Dallyn Pavey/Dish Public Relations

What songs qualify for the In the Pocket treatment?

"Songs that I arbitrarily pick as essential songs of Philadelphia, and that inspired me growing up as a young musician into an old musician," he joked.

In the Pocket plays the Ardmore Music Hall Saturday night, April 28.

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