The National Transportation Safety Board is onsite inspecting a Southwest airline plane after engine failure caused the plane to make an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport.

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Husband of Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 victim speaks publicly

Their last words: 'I love you. Safe travels.'

April 25, 2018 - 10:35 am

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- As the National Transportation Safety Board investigates last week's midair engine explosion on Southwest Airlines Flight 1380, which made an energency landing in Philadelphia, the husband of the only passenger who died is now sharing his story. 

Michael Riordan spoke to the CBS Evening News about his wife, Jennifer, and he recalled the very last time they spoke. 

"She just called to check on the day. How we were gonna -- what we were gonna do that night when she got home," Riordan said. "And we ended with, 'I love you. Safe travels.'"

Later on that day, Riordan got a call from a hospital chaplain in Philadelphia. Strange, he thought, because Philadelphia wasn't on his wife's itinerary. 

"He said there was a plane that was diverted here, I'm gonna have to have a doctor give you a call," Reardon said. "And then the doctor called and said, "I'm sorry, Michael, but we've done everything we can and we couldn't save her."

Now he has to raise their two kids, guided by Jennifer's example. 

"Kind, loving, caring and sharing. 100 percent," he said. "And ... every decision we make is gonna be based on that."

Riordan says he knows it will be tough, but he calls Jennifer his guardian angel. And actually guardian angel coins were handed out at her memorial service last weekend.