Kenan Thompson invites Gritty to appear on 'SNL'

Rachel Kurland
May 15, 2019 - 10:52 am

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Coming off the high of winning an award, the next obvious appearance for any distinguished celeb would be a guest spot on "Saturday Night Live."

On Monday, Gritty won a Webby Award for best sports-related social media. By Tuesday, Kenan Thompson invited him to be on the Studio 8H stage.

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At an event promoting the 2019 NHL Awards in June, Thompson, the award show's host, talked about how his love for hockey stemmed from his teenage role in "The Mighty Ducks." Philly native Arthur Kade segued to the hottest thing in the NHL right now: Gritty.

While Thompson said Gritty probably "haunts a lot of people's dreams," he said he'd be a perfect cameo on "SNL."

"We gotta get him on. It’d be awesome for a cold open with Trump or something," he said. "Gritty, please, come to 'SNL.' I’ll take care of you. It’s on me, trust me. Just have them call up, 'We got a Gritty downstairs.' 'Oh yeah, send him up.' "

Gritty took the invitation and upgraded it — he thinks he's going to host.

One day, Gritty. If — and hopefully when — this happens, we'd love nothing more than for Gritty to become a regular and join the Five-Timers Club.