'I voted for...' Kids get a taste of civic duty at Please Touch Museum

Antionette Lee
November 06, 2018 - 4:54 pm
A young museum-goer gets ready to cast his ballot for his favorite toy at the Please Touch Museum.

Antionette Lee/KYW Newsradio

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Adults weren't the only one voting on Election Day. 

Dozens of kids also got a piece of the democratic action at the Please Touch Museum — by casting their ballots for their favorite toy candidates.

The three candidates were Slinky, Thomas the Tank Engine and Imagination Playground building blocks. 

Five-year-old Abby voted for the Slinky, "because they're fun!" as did young Parker.

"I voted for Slinky, because they're very fun to stretch," he said. "And you know how you can put them down the stairs." 

Natalie Tesler, director of education, said they are training 21st-century thinkers who can engage in the democratic process.

"Kids get to play with the toys, meet them, make their informed decision, and then cast their ballot," Tesler said. 

Parker took his first voting experience seriously.

"Pretty nervous," he admitted. "I wasn't sure if he was gonna win the vote." 

Lynne Pastor said her grandson had already "voted" Tuesday morning with his father, but it was important that kids get to partake in the day, too. 

"I hope everyone goes to vote despite the rain — even the kids! No one is exempt," she said.