Limited Interstate Online Gambling Set To Begin In May

David Madden
April 22, 2018 - 2:00 am
Online Gambling

LAS VEGAS, NV (KYW Newsradio) -- Online gambling is now legal in three states. New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada. You have to be in those states to play for money on the web. But come May, the three states will team up to offer interstate poker games.
This wasn't an easy deal to put together. Each state has its own laws and interests. But the accord, hammered out in part by Caesars Entertainment and the World Series of Poker, is expected to be a big deal that'll get bigger as online gaming spreads.
"We'll now be able to offer 100 thousand dollar jackpots for poker games where we were capped out at 50 thousand when the states were separated," Seth Palansky, a spokesman for both companies, told KYW Newsradio. "So it really is beneficial to the players." 
You'll still have to be in the state to play, but players in each state will be able to play against one another. 
"This will turn on automatically May First for New Jersey players," Palansky added, "and participants from Nevada and Delaware will need to download the new software application, which is actually housed in New Jersey."
He suggests Pennsylvania may also join the mix soon after online gambling is approved here, and that's expected before the end of the year. If that happens, the potential number of interstate players could more than double.