New signs on Fairmount Avenue illuminate the business community

Hadas Kuznits
December 05, 2018 - 3:00 pm
The lit signs that say "Fairmount Avenue" have officially been turned on in the 1500 and 2500 blocks of the avenue.

Spring Garden Community Development Corporation


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Some radiant renovations are finally taking place on Fairmount Avenue. 

Patrick Boyle, a board member on the Spring Garden Community Development Corporation, said there's been a lot of buzz around his organization as they've been preparing to light up the street with year-round signs that say "Fairmount Avenue."

"(People) were taking pictures of the signs before they were even lit," Boyle recalled. "They would walk down and cars were stopping and they were getting out and taking pictures of the signs as we were trying to set them up."

And now after months of planning, the signs have officially been turned on.

"They're 3 feet high and they go all the way across the avenue from one end to the other, and they're in the 1500 block of Fairmount Avenue as well as the 2500 block of Fairmount Avenue," he said.

The official opening of The Met Philadelphia on Monday will also help bring some business to the avenue, Boyle said.

"The Met, I think, has really changed that whole area," he added, "and you're gonna see it really quickly develop."

With the Philadelphia Museum of Art on one end of Fairmount Avenue and the Divine Lorraine Hotel on the other, Boyle said there's plenty of foot traffic that goes in between, and he hopes the bright lights will attract more people to the area.

"I think people will see it and they're kind of curious as to what's going on and what's it all about, and then they have to explore," he added.


In 2014, KYW Newsradio's Hadas Kuznits took a tour of the then-gutted Divine Lorraine Hotel with developer Eric Blumenfeld.

In this video series, he described his vision for the landmark building and explained how restoring it would rejuvenate North Broad Street and the Fairmount Avenue business corridor. The videos were taken inside the building prior to its renovation. Blumenfeld explains the history of this important piece of Philadelphia architecture.