1-on-1: Being a coach goes beyond the scoreboard for Bobbi Morgan

Matt Leon
August 02, 2019 - 2:04 pm
Bobbi Morgan

Matt Leon/KYW Newsradio

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Haverford College's Bobbi Morgan has enjoyed an outstanding career as a women's basketball coach.

She won more than 300 games as a high school head coach, and she then spent four seasons at Cabrini University, winning 66 games and leading the Cavaliers to the NCAA Tournament. She says she wasn't looking to leave the Cavaliers, but then the Haverford job opened up in 2008.

"I literally grew up within shouting distance of Haverford. As a kid, we used to play there. I used to go over there and ice skate on the pond. I (would) sneak over there, I wasn't allowed to cross Haverford Avenue on my bike. So when it opened up, I was just curious."

Morgan has led Haverford to the Division III NCAA Tournament three of the last six years. She has compiled a record of 172-115 with the Fords and her last eight seasons at the helm have all been winning ones.  This is unprecedented success for the program, as before Morgan arrived they had one winning season in their history. 

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Now in her first season (2008-09), the Fords went just 6-16, but she says the seeds for success were being planted.

"They were the best group of kids and they were so happy that we were really competing. We didn't win a lot, but we weren't getting beat by as much. Then, as I brought in my first recruiting class, everything that they did kind of built towards trying to be successful. So when we finally won (in 2014), the thing that I remember most was, the kids that had graduated before, that had been a part of the program, they all jumped in the team photo. Which I thought was just so cool because they had all been a part of that journey of trying to get better."

Morgan has won a lot of games, but she says being a coach goes well beyond just what the scoreboard says.

"Over the years, the number of people that have come into my life and the relationships that I have, there's nothing like it. I'm not really good at remembering details of games once they're over, unless they're like the ones that really stick with you, like I can't get over a few of them ever. But I'm really good at remembering the people. So I think that's been the coolest part."


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