911 recording released, officer identified in Deptford shoplifter shooting

Authorities say Sgt. Kevin Clements killed woman after she allegedly hit cop with her car, tried to run over another

Tim Jimenez
June 19, 2018 - 7:36 am
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PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The Glocuester County Prosecutor's Office has released the 911 recordings of the fatal June 9 police shooting of a shoplifter at the Deptford Crossing Shopping Center parking lot last weekend, and they have identified the officer who pulled the trigger. 

A Marshalls employee called to report several people shoplfiting. 

"Um. I got two shoplifters. I'm gonna need assistance stopping them," he can be heard saying.

The Marshall's employee, a loss prevention agent, goes on tell the dispatcher that one of the shoplifters had a warrant out for manslaughter. The dispatcher tries to get more information about that, but the employee does not elaborate, and he does not say where he got the information.

A police officer, who arrived moments later, can be heard saying, "She just struck my arm with the vehicle." 

And then: "Shots fired, shots fired!" shouts the officer. "Lexus SUV, driving toward Clements Bridge."

Authorities say Deptford Police Sergeant Kevin Clements shot and killed 36-year-old LaShanda Anderson of Philadelphia, after she allegedly hit one cop with her car and tried to run over another. 

Gloucester County Prosecutor Charles Fiore noted in a statement that "the focus of our review is not the underlying events which occurred in Marshalls and the info regarding a warrant. The issue is whether or not the officer based upon the undisputed facts did not utilize excessive force."

Two other suspects were arrested. Clements is on administrative duty as the prosecutor's office continues to investigate. The NAACP wants the state to handle the investigation.