'Absolutely Electric:' Nova Nation Ready To Celebrate National Championship

Tim Jimenez
April 05, 2018 - 10:42 am
Villanova Fans

Photo credit: Tim Jimenez


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- Classes were canceled at Villanova University on Thursday because of the parade, so students went on a field trip of champions that started with a train ride to Philadelphia.

Decked out in their blue and white, the students made the short walk from campus to the Villanova train station and waited in a long line that, at times, stretched hundreds deep. 

SEPTA had extra personnel on hand to punch tickets and make sure things were in order. Only a certain number of passengers were allowed on the platform at any given time. 

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With temperatures just above freezing for much of the morning, members of Nova Nation were bundled up, but ready to heat up.

“Nothing is gonna stop us. We really just want to get to Philly and celebrate our win,” said Villanova freshman Amira Guy. “Jumping around, screaming, going around Philly, just enjoying the day and make it all worth it.”

The students also wanted to bring the energy from campus to the parade route.

“It’s been absolutely electric,” Guy explained

“It’s just been crazy,” said sophomore Samantha Mitchell. “I missed the last championship so to have this one has just been so exciting. It doesn’t even feel real.”

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Steven, a member of the Villanova Class of 2009, made the trip from Reading, Pa. to campus so he could get a train to Center City. He did not make the last Villanova parade in 2016.

“I was too much in shock,” he said. “So, I celebrated at home and kind of reveled in the fact that, ‘Oh my God, we won the championship!'” 

So, Steven had to make this celebration so he could help honor a team that put on a display of dominance in the tournament.

“Tour de Force performance - I’ve never seen anything like this,” he said. “This parade, this celebration is something I couldn’t pass up.”