ACCT Philly waives adoption fees to make room at shelter

John McDevitt
February 09, 2019 - 12:16 pm
Pet Adoption

Provide by Morgan Polley, ACCT Philly


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- It's a matter of life or death. Dogs at a city animal intake shelter are at risk of being put down because there is no room in the kennels. To prevent this, dog adoption fees are being waved this weekend.

ACCT, or the Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia, has reached the limit for large dogs it can care for. The shelter needs to make room. If they're not adopted, the dogs could be euthanized. 

"Right now, we have zero open kennels for incoming large dogs," said Morgan Polley with ACCT. "If we continue to have dogs coming into the shelter and not the same amount exiting the shelter through adoptions, or foster, or rescue, we end up having to make a very difficult decision, and we don't ever want to have to euthanize for space."

Polley says there are dogs at the shelter that would make a great addition to a family.

"I have a soft spot for long-term residents, because they have been trucking through it for the longest time," Polley said. "One of my favorites is Dom. He is quite the all-star in terms of runners. He is on our canine running team. He has a lot of energy. He would do great with a family who can be really active and keep him entertained."

Dog adoption fees, which could cost around $65, are being waved. You will have to pay for dog licenses.

To see the dogs who are available for adoption, visit the ACCT website