Adorable pest control worker becomes new face of Philadelphia Brewing Co.

John McDevitt
March 15, 2019 - 5:05 pm

Courtesy of Punch Media


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- It’s not unusual for a company to have a spokesperson but the owners of one small business in Kensington have decided to take on a four legged approach in marketing their business.

At Philadelphia Brewing, Duke has been an employee for years. You see, he is a cat and a mouser at that, so chemicals to control certain pests don't have to be used near grains and other ingredients for brews.  

Now, he has taken on a new role as both the face and voice of the company, well at least on the businesses’ Instagram account.

Worked the overnight shift. I think I'll sleep in for a bit before getting back to work. #brewerycats #workingcats #philadelphiabrewingcompany #catsontap #adoptdontshop--

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"Duke just started, he just started how to do it. I'm very proud of him, without thumbs it's awesome,” said Nancy Barton, the co-owner of the brewery.

So, what does this brew cat talk about?

"His life, him working,” she explained. “He is a working cat, so he somehow gets selfies of him doing his work. He talks about beers that are coming up. He talks about things going on in the Peacock room, which is our bar at the brewery.”

Could someone get this forklift started so I can get the trucks loaded? #workingcats #brewerycats #philadelphiabrewingcompany #beerdelivery #catsontap #catsandbeer #distillerycats #adoptdontshop--

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Barton also says Duke is a draw.

"The bartender comes up and says somebody is here to see Duke,” she said. “The guy is from Brooklyn, super nice, and he was in the neighborhood and he follows Duke on Instagram. So he came in to meet Duke."

You can follow Duke on Instagram @dukethebrewerycat.