After delays from COVID-19, ACCT Philly undergoes renovations

John McDevitt
May 29, 2020 - 1:56 pm
ACCT Philly renovation

ACCT Philly


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Major renovations to ACCT Philly’s facility were postponed in March due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, but improvements are now back on track. 

The Animal Care and Control Team’s old North Philadelphia warehouse has been showing wear and tear for many years. After securing funding, professional guidance and new leadership, the shelter is making its site safer and more comfortable for the animals, staff and visitors.

The adoption area is nearly complete, and ACCT Executive Director Aurora Velazquez said work has begun on the kennel area, which can house up to 80 dogs.

“But really what it’s going to do is just improve the way that we are able to house animals and add into the shelter some really crucial spaces that we don't have right now,” she said.

One crucial space will be the isolation area — something they didn't have before, which has since proved to be a necessity.

Last year, several animals had to be euthanized after an outbreak of a canine upper respiratory illness.

Additional repairs to the site include the building’s drainage system and roof, as well as the kennels themselves.

Each dog enclosure will have two compartments and a solid front portion, which will shield the animals from seeing or being seen by other dogs.

“They'll be able to see people walking by and interact with people over the top portion, but they are not going to be looking at each other all day long,” said Velazquez. “That is really going to be a significant source of stress reduction."

She said less stress helps the dogs become more adoptable.