Agholor still dealing with criticism after Sunday's game

Ed Benkin
October 22, 2019 - 9:34 pm
Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor (13) catches a pass in the third quarter against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — It was a missed opportunity which meant little in the end result, but not in Nelson Agholor's world.

The Eagles wide receiver has been dealing with a difficult season. Two years after being one of the top targets in the Super Bowl, Agholor has been hearing plenty of criticism due to a lack of production. 

On Sunday night in Dallas, the Eagles were getting blown out by the Cowboys when Carson Wentz threw a deep pass to Agholor. 

The receiver turned just as the ball landed nearby and hit the ground. It appeared to some that Agholor would have had a chance at the ball if he had lunged for it, but Agholor explained on Tuesday why he was unable to come up with the catch once he located the ball.

"All I could do from that point on was dig," said Agholor. "I was just trying to run as hard as I can. I was running and I do not feel I was in position with the way my stride was to leave my feet. For those that think they would have done that then I think that's respect to them."
Agholor understands everyone has their opinion on the play, but the social media and sports talk worlds have been harsh. It ties in to what has been a disappointing season so far for the former first round draft pick at a time when DeSean Jackson's injury makes his production even more critical. 

However, Agholor's teammates and coaches have not lost faith in him, and offensive coordinator Mike Groh insists the receiver is doing all he can when it comes to effort.

"I thought he gave tremendous effort," Groh said. "Played with great speed down the field. I thought he located the ball maybe a little bit later in the down than we would like and made it a difficult. Because he located it late, he wasn't able to catch up to it. Had he located it sooner, maybe he would've taken a little bit different course and would've been there."

There were more questions about the play when Wentz said afterwards that he thought it was a touchdown pass when he threw it. Wentz was under pressure as he released the football so he could not see the end result of the play. 

Agholor insists he and his quarterback are still on the same page.

"No one placed blame on that play," said Agholor. "Carson did the best job he could to give me a chance. He was under pressure when he let the ball go. I ran the route. I should have sped it up, maybe.  Didn't have that feel of the eternal clock saying that he had to get rid of this, so I don't have time to sell so much of the other fake. When you watch tape you learn from that and as everybody's giving their opinion, I hope I learn more to get better."
Agholor will have to get better going forward. 

There is no word from the team when Jackson will be able to return and the Eagles need Agholor and the rest of the receivers to step up. The Eagles are 3-4 and are in danger of seeing their season slip away.  

It won't get any easier for Agholor and his offensive teammates this weekend in Buffalo. 

The Bills have the third ranked defense in the NFL. One game can change the fortunes of Agholor and his teammates, but the receiver knows the noise from the outside world won't change until he makes an impact on the field this season.

"I'm a professional," Agholor said. "I know I work hard. At the end of the day, no one feels sorry for me, and they don't need to. I'm in this position because I'm a tough player and a tough person. I'm just going to keep on fighting."