Judge decides audio recording of a Pottstown deadly shooting can be played at trial

Jim Melwert
August 26, 2019 - 6:56 pm

Montgomery County District Attorney's Office


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — When a Montgomery County man goes on trial for first-degree murder next month, the jury will hear a chilling audio recording of a deadly shooting. 

In the recording, which is less than a minute, three gunshots, each about ten seconds apart, can be heard over a woman begging for her life who is then screaming in pain, followed by silence after the final shot.

That woman, 23-year-old Siani Overby, was found dead from gunshot wounds on Johnson Street in Pottstown in April 2018.

Prosecutors say Overby believed 37-year-old Bobbie Mitchell was the father of her 18-month-old son. They say he got tired of her continually pestering him for a paternity test and child support, so he killed her.

A paternity test after her death showed he is not the boy’s father.

Mitchell’s attorney asked the judge to keep the recording out of the trial, but that motion was denied.

Investigators say the first two shots were to Overby’s legs and chest, and the third shot was execution style to the back of her head.

Mitchell is charged with first-degree murder. 

The trial is scheduled to start Sept. 23.