Biking for the disabled? Don't tell these South Jersey kids they can't

David Madden
June 27, 2019 - 8:35 pm
Max with his dad

David Madden/KYW Newsradio


CAMDEN COUNTY, NJ (KYW Newsradio) — For the sixth year in a row, Camden County is hosting a week long day camp for disabled children throughout South Jersey.

The goal? To get them to ride a two-wheel bike on their own.

Inside and out of the gym at Camden County College, 35 children are getting training first on specially equipped bikes provided by ICan Shine, which conducts 90 of these camps across the country.

By week's end eight out of ten of them are on their own bikes with no training wheels. 

Max Mesyngier, a 10-year-old from Mount Laurel, says he doesn't want that extra help to ride.

"To me it's not that important," he said. "The reason why is because I think I can do it on my own."

Some of the bikes used at the camp. Some are specially made while others belong to the kids.
David Madden/KYW Newsradio

That can-do attitude is shared by Kathleen Green of Pennsville.

"I like having the wind blow in my hair," she explained. 

Reporter: "Do you have a bike at home?"

"Yeah," she replied.

Reporter: "Does it have training wheels on it right now?"

"Not anymore," she said proudly.

Ditto for her twin sister Maureen.

"My house is really close to middle school and highs school and I'm going to be riding my bike there," she said.

Gabby Davis
David Madden/KYW Newsradio

Bike instructor Gabby Davis says she is moved when she hears things like that.

"Every time a kid finally believes in themselves and they say 'Mom, I'm doing it. I'm riding a bike.' Every time it just pulls on my heart strings," she said.