Boil water advisory continues, but officials say ‘we think it's the beginning of the end’

Andrew Kramer
December 02, 2018 - 7:55 pm



BUCKS COUNTY, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) -- Officials say there's still a boil water advisory in place in parts of Lower Bucks County for Pennsylvania American Water customers, but the company is hoping that won't be the case for long.

“We think it's the beginning of the end, certainly," said PA American Water spokesman Terry Maenza.

That’s the hope, Maenza says, now that they have approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to begin collecting water samples for testing

"We need to collect two consecutive days of test samples,” he said, which they started doing Sunday.

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Maenza says it takes 24 hours to get the results of each sample, and that they'll do more testing on Monday.

"As long as those samples come back with no signs of bacteria, we'll be able to lift the advisory," he said.

That means Tuesday is the best case scenario for this advisory to be lifted.

Over the weekend, KYW Newsradio found out mechanical control issues in the plant led to high turbidity levels, or cloudiness in the water, that's why the boil water advisory was called in the first place.  

In addition, the Pennsbury School District has announced all Pennsbury schools will be open on Monday, December 23.

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Dr. William J. Gretzula, the district Superintendent, issued a statement thanking community members for their “patience and understanding.”

Gretzula also says PA American Water has provided schools, under the advisory, with a pallet of bottled water.

For all other customers under the advisory, PA American Water says they will continue to have water tankers available; those locations can be found here.