Bucks County home invaders sentenced to spend decades in prison

Jim Melwert
May 24, 2019 - 1:13 pm
From left: Sadeen Jones, Brandon Davis, Raymond Daniels

Bucks County District Attorney's Office


DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — The men who broke into a Bucks County home in the middle of the night and marched a child at gunpoint into her parents’ room will spend decades in prison. 

Sadeen Jones, 42, is sentenced to 70 to 140 years in state prison. Brandon Davis, 25, will spend 40 to 80 years behind bars. Raymond Daniels pleaded guilty earlier this year, and his sentence was reduced from 40 to 80 years in prison to 30 to 60. 

Prosecutor Antonetta Stancu calls it a fair sentence.

"Taking into account the impact this had on the victims, and frankly the lack of remorse exhibited by all three defendants," she said.

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In August 2017, the men broke into a Newtown Township home through a basement window, tied up a 25-year-old who had recently moved back home after graduating from college.

Then they woke a 12-year-old girl and marched her into her parents' room with a gun to her head.

She tearfully pleaded for her parents to wake up, and when they did, Daniels and his co-defendents, prosecutors say, threatened the child's life forcing her parents to open a safe.

Stancu says being woken up in your own home by strangers is frightening enough.

“And then to realize that your 12-year-old has a gun pointed to their head in the middle of the night by two masked men is beyond anything any parent should ever have to go through," she added. 

The men got $50,000 in cash and more than $200,000 in jewelry and other goods.

The father recognized one of the men as a customer from his clothing store, and he said he’d helped that man out with free clothing when he was going through a tough time.

The girl, now 14 years old, now sleeps on an air matress up against her parents bed.

"I hope she will be able to move forward knowing now that these individuals will be incarcerated for quite some time," Stancu said, "but I’m sure it’s something this young woman will have to live with for a long time."