Bucks County woman who accused firefighters of theft on trial for insurance fraud

Jim Melwert
January 15, 2019 - 5:44 pm
Claire Risoldi

Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General


DOYLESTOWN (KYW Newsradio) — The Bucks County woman who accused firefighters of stealing millions of dollars of jewelry from her Buckingham mansion is now on trial for insurance fraud in Doylestown. 

In opening statements, state prosecutor Linda Montag says Claire Risoldi was never satisfied, always wanted more and was motivated by greed. 

That, Montag claims, drove Risoldi to commit insurance fraud after multiple fires at the Buckingham mansion — known as Clairemont — to the tune of $20 million, including a $10 million claim for jewelry, which Risoldi says was stolen by firefighters as they battled a 2013 fire.

Prosecutors point out Risoldi increased the coverage of her jewelry significantly just weeks before the fire, and as part of that increase, 21 of the appraisals had the word “jewelry” spelled wrong.

Defense attorney Jack McMahon says the insurance company didn’t mind cashing the $128,000 premium check. But, he claims, they didn’t want to pay out after the jewelry went missing.

So, in McMahon’s words, they weaseled out of it, using the FBI and the Pennsylvania Attorney general’s office to concoct insurance fraud.

The trial is expected to last weeks.