Buying Frenzy For Villanova Fans Looking To Score Final Four Gear

Paul Kurtz
March 28, 2018 - 9:24 pm
Villanova Merchandise

Photo credit: Paul Kurtz


PHILADELPHIA (KYW NEWSRADIO) — The campus bookstore at Villanova is doing big business these days as Wildcats fans snap up Final Four merchandise.

Dana Palmisano window shopped as her friend Lexi Scheib combed through the racks.

“I’m thinking of buying a jersey,” Scheib said.

“I’m not buying anything,” said Palmisano. “I don’t have enough money.”

But these two juniors have managed to find the funds their big trip this weekend.

“We’re going to Texas for the final four,” Palmisano said, “so it’s definitely a different experience because we were on-campus freshman. We’re excited.”

For freshman John Green, the Final Four brings a bit of sticker shock.

“What are they hitting you up for? It’s seventy bucks for a jersey,” he said. Relatively it’s okay, but as a college student maybe not so okay.”

Green purchased gear for his family. His bill topped a hundred bucks. But that’s chicken feed compared to Angelina Heyes who paid more than $650 for a pile of shirts, jerseys and hats. Well, “paid” is not really accurate in this case. She says she’s sticking her parents with the bill.

“My parents aren’t gonna be too pleased, let's put it that way, since I’m still in school,” Heyes said.

Just imagine how much more money fans will spend on merchandise if Villanova wins the National Championship.