Carson Wentz knows he has to be better

Ed Benkin
November 21, 2018 - 4:31 pm
Carson Wentz

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- Carson Wentz wasn't used to what happened on Sunday.

The Eagles quarterback has enjoyed a stretch of success on all levels of football.  Even in the NFL, Wentz has been part of a team that won a Super Bowl in 2017.  Losing games happens to anyone, but being on the end of a blowout was unchartered territory for Wentz.  It boiled over in the first quarter after one of three interceptions by Wentz.  The usually calm and cool quarterback knocked over several sideline objects as his frustration reached a breaking point.  It was part of a difficult afternoon, as well as a difficult season, for Wentz and his teammates.

"I definitely wish I would have reacted differently," said Wentz.  "You get frustrated within a game, but that's uncharacteristic of me.  I like to stay even-keeled.  At that point, I let me emotions get the best of me."

Some have suggested Wentz began pressing and forcing plays as the score got out of hand in New Orleans.  With he game snowballing out of control, Wentz appeared to try to do more than he normally would with some of his throws and the results were turnovers that have been uncharacteristic of Wentz in the past.  However, Wentz insists he was not trying to do to much even though the Saints were landing an early knockout blow.

"I didn't feel like I was pressing," Wentz said.  "I know late in the game when we were down by what we were, we're trying to make plays and trying to put up points.  You can call that pressing, but we were trying to make plays and trying to fight.  That led to a couple of turnovers and different things.  Those are things you've got to clean up and be smart with when you force those, but I never thought that I was pressing in the game."

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Coach Doug Pederson knows there is a fine line for quarterbacks.  When a game is getting out of hand, it is hard not to fight the instinct to do more as the leader of the team.  Pederson admired how Wentz tried to light a fire under his team even as they were well on their way to a 41-point loss.

"I saw a quarterback that really was fighting and trying to make plays on the field and generate a spark offensively," said Pederson.  "It just didn't happen.  It's unfortunate because he prides himself in really embracing that and kind of taking this team on his shoulders and leading by example on and off the football field."

Like the rest of the Eagles, Wentz has no choice but to move forward.  The New York Giants will be at the Linc on Sunday and the 4-6 Eagles are in desperate need of a victory.  Wentz has chosen to put his poor performance behind him and move forward and believes he and his teammates have a lot more to put on display than what they showed in New Orleans last Sunday.

"I'm going to go through this week the same way I always do," said Wentz.  "Last week was last week and that's behind us.  Personally as a team, that doesn't represent who we are and how we play this game.  We're all just looking forward to this next opportunity."