Catholic teachers union president losing hope for contract before classes start

Members are insisting on a multi-year deal.

Mike DeNardo
September 03, 2018 - 11:27 am



PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Negotiators for the Archdiocese and teachers at Catholic high schools are back at the bargaining table Monday trying to reach a contract agreement before the union holds a general membership meeting Tuesday morning.

Association of Catholic Teachers president Rita Schwartz, in a text, says she is less and less hopeful that a deal can be reached by then. The two sides have been negotiating nearly all weekend on salaries, health care and work rules. 

A statement from the Archdiocese last week said its proposals would not raise health care costs for teachers.

Classes for 12,000 students at 17 Philadelphia-area Catholic high schools are scheduled to start Wednesday. The union and Archdiocese have agreed on one-year contracts the last four years in a row. But Schwartz says her members are insisting on a multi-year deal this time.

The last Catholic high school teachers strike was a two-week walkout in 2011.