Caught on video: Two women twerk on top of moving SUV

Dan Majka
January 17, 2019 - 2:55 pm

There's a popular song from the 1980's called "The Safety Dance." What two women did along a busy St. Louis highway was anything but.

Video shot Monday on Interstate-64 shows the pair "twerking" on top of a moving SUV, with a third woman hanging out the front passenger side window, taking photos or recording the dangerous stunt.

The video then shows the women climbing back into the vehicle while it's moving down the highway. 

Videos of the incident were posted by a woman who was also on the highway at the time and have since gone viral.

Reports say police were never called concerning the incident and were not aware of it. St. Louis Metro Police Department told KSDK-TV that doing something like this obviously is illegal and dangerous to everyone on the highway. 

"They could fall off of the car and cause other drivers to wreck," a spokesperson told KSDK. "It’s a dangerous situation for themselves and other drivers. They could fall off and create a fatal accident. We do not encourage anyone to try anything like this ever. You are supposed to be in your car when you drive."

It was not immediately known if authorities were able to track down the women seen in the video.​