Circling for a parking spot becomes a lot easier with free app

Paul Kurtz
February 18, 2019 - 4:00 am

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — A crowdsourced app that shows drivers where to find parking spaces will officially become available in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

SpotAngels is an app with a map said company co-founder Aboud Jardaneh.  

"The map shows you all the parking spaces around you, whether on-street or off-street, in parking garages or lots," he said.

Dotted icons on the map indicate locations for available spots near you. 

Similar to the popular traffic navigation app Waze, SpotAngels is community-based, relying on real-time information from users. 

"For each spot, you'll see its location, what the price is and what the signs say. And anyone from the community and person on the app can contribute information," Jardaneh added.

Jardaneh said the app breaks down specific parking prices and issues alerts on parking rules to help you avoid getting a ticket. 

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SpotAngels has already rolled out in other parking-averse cities, like New York, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco. 

"The more data's collected, the more the community grows, the better the recommendations get on where to find a spot at that specific moment."

In Philly, Jardaneh hopes the free app will cut down on the huge number of parking tickets that are issued every year.

Philadelphia is "one of the highest in the country," he noted, "in terms of parking tickets. Over $80 million in parking tickets in 2017."