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Philadelphia's first and only shelter dedicated to helping homeless female veterans get back on their feet, HAVEN Women, has received a $100,000 grant. Read more here.Read more


As print newspapers dwindle, one unsung casualty is the newsstand, that quintessential urban icon that exists only where there are large numbers of pedestrians on the run. A bill introduced in City Council last week hopes to extend a lifeline to them. Read more here.Read more

Lincoln Financial Field

The South Jersey high school football playoff game, which was stopped Friday night when shots were fired in the stands, will resume Wednesday afternoon with a little help from the Eagles. Read more here.Read more

Pennsylvania State Capitol

Victims of child sex abuse who want a new chance to seek justice are marking a partial victory. A proposed amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution is now teed up for a vote in the state Senate. Read more here.Read more

George Norcross

At a raucous state Senate hearing, South Jersey political power broker George Norcross fought back against the notion that he profited from state tax incentives. Read more here.Read more


As part of a plea deal with the district attorney, a Philadelphia man has admitted to brutally beating a baby to death more than a year ago. According to responding officers, the man blamed the child’s death on noodles. Read more here.Read more


More than a quarter of high schoolers are using e-cigarettes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But the American Heart Association plans to tackle the vaping crisis with a new $20 million initiative. Read more here.Read more

Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub speaks after the Sean Kratz sentencing.

Sean Kratz was sentenced on Monday to life plus 18-36 years in prison for his convictions in the deaths of Dean Finocchiaro, Mark Sturgis and Tom Meo on a Bucks County farm in 2017.  Prosecutors announced earlier Monday morning that they would not pursue the death penalty. Read more

Lonette Jackson

Chester Police say they’re looking for two men who stole an SUV with young kids in the backseat Sunday night. The boys are now safe, and the woman who may have saved their lives said she found the car outside her house.Read more

anti-Semitism definition

A new website from the American Jewish Committee is pointing out the language and anti-semitic tropes online and on social media that they say are leading to a rise in bigotry and violence.Read more