Phillies players adjust to new guidelines as they continue with preseason work

Ed Benkin
July 08, 2020 - 8:15 pm

    PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) Phillies players are adjusting to new rules connected to COVID-19 guidelines as they continue with their preseason work. Manager Joe Girardi says there are also adjustments when it comes to empty stadiums and the lack of crowd noise.

    “When you don’t hear all the noise, you know, in between pitches or you don’t see movement in the stands, it’s just different. I think players will adjust to it,” he said. 


    Activities such as players throwing the ball around the horn are out for this season.  For Rhys Hoskins, the option to wear a mask at times at first base has crossed his mind.

    “Initially, I had thought that any time that I was on the field, I would not be wearing a mask, but maybe it’s something where I keep it in my back pocket in a zip lock bag or something,” Hoskins said. 

    Hoskins says he was able to work on his new batting stance at home even after baseball was shut down in March.​

    “I have a bat on every floor in my house. I just pick up the bat and pick it one time and 20 minutes later, you do the same thing. In that sense, it was nice to have because that’s time I wasn’t necessarily going to have during the season,” he added.