Dozens of car windows smashed on Temple campus

Mike Dougherty
November 02, 2018 - 12:06 pm

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Dozens of angry drivers were greeted Friday morning with smashed windows in cars they had parked overnight at Temple University.

Broken glass littered the sidewalks near 10th and Montgomery streets after someone went down the block smashing windows on about every car that was parked on the street.

A Jaguar and a Jetta, even a food truck, were among dozens of vehicles broken into and ransacked.

In most cases nothing but loose change was taken. 

Luke Berenato was supposed to be getting ready for an exam. Instead he found himself working to cover his broken window before the rain got too heavy.

"It's just so pointless. You smash windows in. And I didn't even have any money in the car. I just had my registration. Like, I just got a new license," Berenato said. "What's the motive behind this? You're just smashing windows for no reason. There's not a big chance you're just going to smash a window and find $1,000 in cash in someone's car."

Asked how he would confront the person or people who did it, he said, "I'd fight them. Or I'd say 'F you.'"

Marie Redzaj, whose food truck was broken into, said she wasn't even sure what if anything was missing.

"You try to protect it, but it's hard to protect it from the people. They vandalize," Redzaj said. "They don't have no mercy for anything, because this is my bread and butter. That's my life. I've been here seven years."

There are surveillance cameras on the block. Temple officials say campus police and Philly police are working together to find the person or people responsible.