Excessive heat, soaring humidity, and it's not over yet

Tim Jimenez
July 18, 2019 - 7:27 am

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Dangerous heat has been making the Delaware Valley an uncomfortable place to be. At its peak, high temperatures and humidity will team up Thursday to make it feel like it's 105 degrees. 

Whether on a bike or on foot, for a walk or run, many hit Kelly Drive on Thursday's muggy morning to get their workouts in early, outrunning the really brutal heat to come later in the day.

"I'm just trying my best to stay hydrated," said Tristan from Cape Town, South Africa, who was out for a run. 

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He's in Philly working at a summer camp, which means he's missing winter back home, where it's a crisp 60 degrees. He said he was not prepared for Philly summer.

"It's a lot more humid here than it is back home," he said, his shirt soaked through. "Whereas back home it's, like, quite dry, I couldn't believe the humidity when I got here. It's incredible."

But timing is everything to stay ahead of the worst of the heat, said Donna from Manayunk.

"It's just been too hot to do anything during the day," she said. 

Jennifer from Roxborough was out for a run with friends. She has one word to describe the conditions.

"Miserable," she said. "I don't like to be out in the heat. I get exhausted faster, and I'm way more thirsty."

There is less of that in the morning, which is why so many are out, but it's still very muggy, and it will get worse Friday through Sunday.

Jennifer is right. So it's important to drink a lot of fluids, avoid the heat as much as possible, and look out for elderly family and neighbors — anyone who can't get out of the house, anyone whose health is at risk when it gets this hot.

The city has declared a Code Red and set up cooling centers for the homeless around the city. 

In addition, city officials say if you see a homeless person in need of help, you can call their outreach team at (215) 232-1984 or get more information at the city's website. In a medical emergency, officials say, call 911 immediately.

The Department of Parks and Recreation is operating public pools on a free swim schedule until further notice. A full list of city pool locations is available online.

And it is mandatory for pet owners to put their dogs in the shade, otherwise they can face a fine opf $500 or more. If you see a dog left outdoors in very hot weather, call the Animal Care & Control Team (ACCTPhilly) at (267) 385-3800.