'A fun twist on normal stuff': Thousand flock to annual Manayunk Arts Festival

Andrew Kramer
June 23, 2018 - 10:45 pm
Main Street in Manayunk

Andrew Kramer | KYW Newsradio


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- Drawings, photography and all the art you can think of is being showcased once again along Main Street in Manayunk. 

"I make guitar string jewlery from recycled guitar strings," explained artist Jenny Woods.

Her creations are just a sample of all the unique items you'll find at the annual Manayunk Arts Festival.

"Guitar strings are like a core of metal, so they have this great texture and they're really beautiful and when I was changing my strings one day I realized how beautiful they were so I thought I'd try to make jerwerly out of them and I've been doing it for eight years now."

Take Dan Kepter's electricuted wood art is another example of interesting art.

"I send 15,000 volts of electricity through my pieces of wood as the current flows through," he explains. "It organically creates it's own patterns, essentially lightning captured in wood. Then I go through and carve it out with stone and metal creating one of a kind pieces of jewlery."

Nearby, another local artist named Jeleata Nicole was showing off some portraits.

"A lot of my portraits are moved by emotion and their eyes, so I try to focus on all the emotion in the picture," she said. "It kind of speaks to you."

And finally, over at Tim Shanley's tent..

"I'm selling popart paintings," he said. "I have a really bright pallet and I think everybody kind of digs it. It's contemporary, modern and a fun twist on normal stuff."

Shanley says at this year's festival his Owl painting seems to be the most asked about. Guess there's lots of Temple fans in Manayunk.