Get those nickels ready because the cost of stamps just went up

Lynne Adkins
January 26, 2019 - 4:00 am


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Get those nickels ready, because sending out those Valentine's Day cards just got slightly more expensive.

A first class stamp will now run you 55 cents, according to Ray Daiutolo Sr., a spokesman for the United State Postal Service in Philadelphia and South Jersey. 

That may not sound like much, but the post office says this five cents increase is actually the largest increase on stamps its had in years.

Daiutolo Sr. says a normal increase is just a penny or two, but transportation, health care and delivery costs are rising and the postal service is losing money.

Fortunately, for all those save the dates and holiday cards, there is some good news.

"We've actually reduced the second ounce rate, which is currently 21 cents, to 15 cents," Daiutolo said. "A lot of wedding invitations are mailed at the two ounce rate, a lot of professionals use two ounce mail. So, for example, lawyers, insurance companies, financial institutions."

However, the cost of stamps aren't the only increase the post office made as Daiutolo says the cost of mailing packages is also going up.