Hot and humid translates to higher electric bills, local utilities are urging conservation

Kim Glovas
July 19, 2019 - 4:04 pm
Sweaty man trying to refresh from heat with a fan - stock photo

tommaso79/Getty Images


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — With people seeking refuge in air conditioning in the heat wave, power utilities are urging conservation.  

Hours when most people are at work are when power usage is at its highest, so local utilities are urging consumers to turn it off or turn it down.

"Managing that thermostat. Keep it conformable and keep it cool. But if you are going out to work, maybe think about hittin' it up one notch," said Madison Mozer with PECO Energy.

Mozer also says turn off lights or anything else that you aren't using.

 Rebecca Mazarella is with PSE&G, and says wait until dark to use appliances.

"You can wait until the evening hours,” she said. “Late evening to run the clothes washer or run the dishwasher, that's when demand is at its lowest," Mazarella said.

As for the possibility of blackouts, both utilities say they are monitoring power usage closely, and have made upgrades to the electric grids to prevent any widespread problems.

PSE&G has a list of helpful tips to “keep cool while keeping your cash” on their website. Some of these tips include, programmable thermostats and more.