In South Philadelphia, residents rally against recent uptick in crime

Andrew Kramer
February 10, 2020 - 9:32 pm

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — South Philadelphia residents are concern after a recent uptick in crime. The community came together Monday night for a "Stand up South Philly" rally with the hopes of finding a solution to bringing the numbers down. 

"We will stand up together South Philly," Anthony Giordano said, which kicked off the rally he helped organize.

"This isn't a political movement, this movement is all about unity. We want to unite everyone in this entire city. We're going to start with South Philadelphia," he added. 

They're starting with South Philadelphia because, he says, there's been a rise in crime lately.

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"The crime is now to the point where people don't want to come outside, people don't want to get involved because they're afraid. But if we can unite and stand together as one, the criminals in this city will realize that South Philadelphia is fed up, gun violence is out of control," Giordano said. 

But Rich Cedrone says it's not just shootings and homicides that have neighbors worried.   

"It's more or less too the petty crimes, kids getting their cell phones stolen, all night long they're going around checking your car doors seeing if anything is open, bikes stolen off your porch or backyard," Cedrone said. 

He was one of a few hundred people at the rally.

Elected officials showed up, as well as 1st District police Capt. Lou Campione.

"We encourage them to participate, be good eyes and ears for us, call 911 to share information," Campione said. 

He says police will meet with any person or group to teach them how not to be a target.